Healthy Food With Tossed


Start your day off with one of our delicious smoothies, no sugar added, and sweetened with dates. All of our smoothies are enriched in vitamins and minerals to help your digestive tract. You know what they say, a date a day is necessary for a balanced healthy diet (not as catchy as the apple saying). Not to mention they’re all dairy free! Making all of the smoothies at Tossed vegan friendly. Start your day right with any one of our delicious flavors. A Tossed team favorite is our mango pineapple blast. If you want a delicious smoothie, but don’t necessarily have a sweet tooth, then the green dream is the smoothie for you. Made with avocado, baby spinach, pineapple and ginger, this drink will be sure to perk you up early in the morning and help you keep your healthy living lifestyle on track, or if your just looking for a deliciously healthy snack.


When lunch time comes rolling around and everyone else is cramming their faces full of junk food drenched in grease, you can get yourself one of Tossed’s fabulous salads, wraps, melts, or artisanal sandwiches. Treat yourself to foods that we know are proven to nourish our bodies instead of causing them to waste away. Tossed offers fifteen types of salads on their menu. From a regular cobb, to the southwest blackened chicken made with avocado, black beans, and corn salsa. Our salads are sure to invigorate your palate, and some of them can even be a great source of your daily protein. A tossed salad can make a delicious healthy lunch and all of them are under 600 hundred calories, so be sure to consider all of your options when you’re looking into the health benefits of changing your everyday lunch habits.


If a salad isn’t for you, look into one of our mouth watering wraps, of the nine that we serve, the roasted chicken and goat cheese wrap is a favorite. Made with smoked bacon and baby arugula, the balsamic vinaigrette provides the perfect blend of flavor. Keep in mind that the menu could vary according to locations, supply, and seasonal influences all might affect the menu, but you can be guaranteed that you’ll always be able to get your daily source of protein and find many healthy recipes on the Tossed menu at any one of our locations.


Maybe you’re looking for a more traditional meal? Lunch, or dinner, try one of our artisanal sandwiches. Made with turkey, ham, or tuna, all of these sandwiches are sure to satisfy your hunger and dietary needs. Despite all of our sandwiches being under 700 calories, they still will most certainly fill you up. Full of flavor and yet still something familiar, these sandwiches really hit the spot. Low fat and fat free dressings are used on our sandwiches, so ingesting a bad fat isn’t something that you have to worry about when you see dressing on your irresistible meal choice.


Are cold sandwiches not really your cup of tea, do you prefer something that will warm you from inside your belly, something a little more melted? Look no further than the melts served here at tossed. Made with fresh meats and other delectable choices for your daily protein, all of these melts are also under 700 calories. Our roasted chicken, blue cheese, and apple melt is to die for. At only 430 calories, how can you go wrong? Whether you’re there for the veggies or just enjoy eating food that you know is fresh, the choices we provide are simply empowering. You will no doubt enjoy the uncompromising quality of your experience at any one of our many locations.


If by chance you don’t find something on our menu that you find appealing that day, never fear, we have the design your own option. Start of with your choice of greens, and go ahead and get a little wild by adding up to five toss-ins, add some fruit and crunch, and don’t forget your protein. You can top it all of by choosing the type of cheese you prefer and dress it up using any one of our fifteen dressings. Ask your Tossed employee today for your gluten free, low fat, or fat free varieties. We offer so much more than just healthy foods, we also provide a healthy atmosphere and knowledgeable staff, who truly care about the people we are serving. All of the foods and drinks that we serve are both healthy and tasty, what more could you ask for in your restaurant experience. You will no doubt enjoy the uncompromising quality of your experience at any one of our many locations.

Lettuce Cater For You

Don’t forget that Tossed also caters, so you can bring all of you favorites right into the workplace for you next meeting, or even have us over for your next big barbeque. Spread the joy of a healthy lifestyle, and introduce your friends, family, and co-workers to our family here at Tossed. Where a healthy lifestyle starts with healthy eating.

Find a Tossed Near You!

So, if you’re looking for a way to change up your lunch, or a place to enjoy good food that adheres to your healthy lifestyle, think of Tossed. You can look online for a location near you. Or check out the franchise opportunities and help spread the joy of healthy food and learning how to create a healthy menu for yourself and everyone else in your community.